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Sunday, May 27th 2018, 1:38pm

Hi Ralph,

Yes indeed, very fascinating. There is always a way people can reach related family members or friends or even for business. Even under hard conditions, postal systems never failed.

Like this modern example. 52 cents inland rate. 51 cents under paid! :)

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  • Canada cover inland. Blyth, Ont to Ottawa 2008. 52 cents rate 51 cents under paid.jpg

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Tuesday, October 16th 2018, 12:24pm

I got 2 1929/30 covers from Canada to Iraq, most likely, due to the short transit time, carried though the Syro-Iraqi desert. The more interesting one, because it was short-paid in Canada, subject to Postage due in Iraq, refused in Iraq and returned to Canada where it was again subject to postage due is here:

The cover was mailed from Kentville, 10 March 1930. Baghdad arrival 29 March 1930 and is franked with 2 cents, 8 cents would have been required, which makes the letter 6 cents short-paid. The letter was refused by the addressee and 2 cent collect to the original sender. The T40 shows that it was a 8 cent UPU letter rate.
12 cents double deficiency converted to UPU ctms at the rate of 40 UPU ctms = 8 cents UPU letter rate, i.e. 5 UPU ctms = 1 cent.
I have been informed that Canada used this conversion rate with a tax reduction factor of 5/8 to align the taxation to the UPU standard of 25 UPU ctms = UPU letter rate.
12 cent => 60 UPU ctms.
60 UPU ctms * 5/8 = 37.5 which was rounded up to 40 (UPU ctms, hence the T/40 due marking. As the letter was refused and returned, the 2 cent Due Marking is paying the 2 cents postage due or fee.

The second cover i got is a single franking of 8 cents, the correct rate for a cover at that time to Iraq, mailed from Hawkesbury, 25 July 1929, arrival in Basrah 9 August 1929.

Overland Mail surcharge had been abolished at the time when the covers where mailed.
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  • Canada_1930_2_Cents_Postage-Due_Front.jpg
  • Canada_1930_2_Cents_Postage-Due_Reverse.jpg
  • Canada_1929_8_Cents_Front.jpg
  • Canada_1929_8_Cents_Reverse.jpg


Friday, October 19th 2018, 10:34pm

Hallo Rainer,

They are very nice indeed! :thumbsup:

On July 1st 1930, the rate was reduced to 5 cents. Both cover are showing stamps from the so called "SCROLL" issue. 2 cents is Nr.150 and 8 cents is Nr.154 under our UNITRADE Cat using Scott Numbering System. It is one of the most beautiful issue (My opinion :))



Saturday, January 19th 2019, 5:56pm

Private POST PAR Inc. 1987-88


A little bit of lecture on this story around my birth town. The official postal system did handle a lot of those mails for free. :)…il-service.html

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  • Canada Private POST PAR Inc. 17.06.1988.jpg


Saturday, January 19th 2019, 6:20pm

...aaaaah Sylvain, and from now on I finally got that with the canadian postal-codes 8o

Grüße !
Tim :thumbsup:


Sunday, June 30th 2019, 3:28pm

Map Stamp 1898


I was on the hunt for something special with that specific stamp. Last month, magic happen. For a little 1.25$ I got this. :thumbsup:

The interior rate went down from 3 cents to 2 cents on Jan 1st 1899.

The date of issue of this stamp was Dec 7th 1898. So at the date of issue, this stamp was not good for interior mailing (3 cents).

A new rate for the British Empire came out on Dec 25 1898 as 2 cents/ 1/2 oz (To USA 3 cents, rest of the world 5 cents were kept as is).

So to come back to my little piece here, It is the Scott.Nr.86 (Nr.85 has grey water). It was sent from a tiny village called LOWER EAST PUBNICO. You can look at the map, it is located on the east side of PUBNICO HARBOUR. Today, the population on the east side is about 500 divided in three small communities (East, Middle and Lower East Pubnico) On the west side about 2400.

The letter was sent to YARMOUTH which is not too far going west. So LOWER EAST PUBNICO, transited by EAST SIDE OF PUBNICO HARBOUR (Which was a Post Office with that particular name 8) ) and received in YARMOUTH.

This is a great one!!!…harbour&f=false…in-pubnico.html

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  • IMG_0010.jpg
  • IMG_0014.jpg
  • Lower east Pubnico.jpg


Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 8:43pm

Winnipeg - Landau i.d.Pf. 09.10.1909

Hallo Sammlerfreunde,
nach 2 Jahren Totalflaute nun dies anbei, das erste Einschreiben in der Sammlung. Kommt als auffrakierte Ganzsache mit den großen Reco-Abschlägen natürlich sehr eindrucksvoll daher. Gehe davon aus, dass man hier 5 cents für den Auslands-Normalbrief und 5 cents Einschreibegebühr zu entrichten hatte. Der Empfänger war mit Sicherheit Briefmarkensammler, dem die Western Stamp Compagny in Winnipeg wohl die neuesten Canada-Werte per Einschreiben zukommen gelassen hat. Und das dann natürlich auch noch sammlergerecht mit den King Edward VII perforate und imperforate Werten im senkrechten und waagrechten Paar. in nur 10 Tagen über den Teich und das Londoner Reco-Büro (siehe roter Haubenstempel) ...nicht schlecht für diese Zeit. Wäre mal interessant, was das in dieser Zeit für Schiffe waren, die da zwischen Canada und GB dampften.
Viele Grüße
vom Pälzer
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  • Winnipeg-Landau i.d.Pf. 1909-10-09.jpg
  • Winnipeg-Landau i.d.Pf. 1909-10-09 Detail.jpg
  • Winnipeg-Landau i.d.Pf. 1909-10-09 rücks.jpg

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Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 9:29pm

... schönes Stück - aber mit Abstand am meisten begeistern mich die beiden zurückhaltend gestalteten R - Stempel. :D
Liebe Grüsse vom Ralph

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Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 10:09pm

...voll auf's ...äääh ins Auge :D

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Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 10:24pm

:D :D :D
Liebe Grüsse vom Ralph

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Wednesday, September 11th 2019, 2:15pm

Hallo Tim,

;( ;( ;( Where did you find that? :D Very nice!!! I will look at it Friday once at home.

Best regards



Wednesday, September 11th 2019, 9:23pm

Hallo Sylvain,.

this wild one was shot in ...San Marino :thumbsup:.

Viele Grüße!


Friday, September 13th 2019, 8:59pm

Hallo Tim the Sniper! :D

5 cents foreign + 5 cents registration, all OK!

Under our Catalogue, perf stamps are Nr.90 and imperf Nr.90a (only the type II imperf pair were issued to public).

Very nice!!!



Friday, September 13th 2019, 11:11pm

Hallo Sylvain
thank you, I`ve made the correction in my desciption.
Viele Grüße !
Tim :thumbsup: